About Us

Soltree Apparel is based on a love for fashion, yoga and awareness. Being able to provide yoga pants brands that are made from eco friendly materials and processing for a low carbon footprint. 

Soltree Apparel is the place people come to shop with confidence, knowing that we have picked the best brands and materials around to provide for you while helping give back to our planet in fashion.

These pants are incredible both in the studio and fabulous out on the town. 

We at Soltree Apparel love mixing our fashion and yoga wear. No matter the time of year it is, you can throw on a long tank or tunic and some jewelry with sandals and look summertime perfect. Winter time, with a dolman shirt, a great jacket and your favorite boots, you will love this new found flexible fashion.

Soltree is here to show you all of the incredible options you have with your new favorite yoga pants. Yoga changes not only your life, mind, body and soul but now your wardrobe.


Soltree Apparel