Muscle Tanks and Kimonos

So as you already know I am obsessed with my yoga pants.. Some of my favorite things to wear with them are little bit of an oversized muscle tank ( helps hide the bum.. I mean you are already wearing spandex something to tight is overkill for sure! ) and a bralette underneath to add a little more fashion flare but since you can see my bra it has to make a statement of course, not just some nude normal one.. weird. So Ill throw in a fun color here and there that peaks through. Same with a cozy boho kimono, it keeps me warm at work and makes the whole outfit that much more fun, Ill prob leave it in the car when I go to painting with a twist this evening though so it doesn't get in the way and painted.. But if I need to cover up at least I have it, its a much more fashionable option that a hoodie if you're trying to stay stylish all day. Also like I said I wear them at work over tanks because as you know Im a hair dresser and that whole naked armpit over someones face at the shampoo bowl freaks me out, I don't know how people do it.. 

Im still wearing boots with everything right now, they are like a midrise girly military boot. I actually got them at target like 2 years ago but they rock and I wear the life out of them.


With love, Ashley

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