The New Yoga Fashion World

Yoga has exploded the past couple years!! People of all ages are loving it, finding the right kind of yoga for them.. and even better. The CLOTHES! who doesn't love that yoga pants and colorful leggings have become so popular. Its not just Lululemon anymore. We have all kinds of new companies up and coming creating beautiful and new creative patterns. Eco friendly fabrics are becoming more aware to the public and throwing in UV protectant to help with blocking the sun while outside doing any activities in these amazing yoga pants we have found. 

Companies are starting to make yoga wear more versatile, So being able to be on my paddle board with UV protectant quick dry fabric this stylish blows my mind!

I started becoming obsessed with this new craze and wearing my leggings everywhere and seeing other women doing it too. What I found though was no where that you can buy any active clothing provides another option for style. I needed more fashionable tops, longer length to cover my bum, something I could throw on and put together for my usually boho comfy look but with all my new found patterns and designs. Since this was getting hard to do, I decided to open my shop online to start helping women all over do the same thing. Who doesn't want to be fashion forward and comfortable. Im a hair dresser.. so I know I do. 

I have researched and found some of the most comfortable flattering yoga pants around on the market. Of course with the most creative and unique designs as well. Adding the right kind of jewelry and top makes going to work and transitioning to the gym or a night out amazing.

I keep a work out tank in my car with gym shoes and my yoga mat so no matter what I am doing I change my shoes throw on my tank and I'm good to go. Then after if I don't want to go home I just freshen up at the gym and thrown back on my rockin tunic and jewelry and hit the town. I get so many compliments everywhere I go. People wondering where I find my outfits... Start following me and checking out my blog and websites for all the updates on my love for yoga and fashion. It the start to an epic fashion trend that I love I get to be a part of.

More post and articles to come :) this is just the beginning. Talk soon!

feel free to leave comments and questions for anything you would like to know!

With Love, Ashley

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