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The Perfect Jewelry With Your Yoga Pants

I know you are probably thinking  " why would I wear yoga pants with jewelry?" Because when you are out and about wearing them as an outfit and not work out gear you need some extra jazz happening!! I am a bracelet freak and Mantra Bands are where its at!!  I get mine from, I love these because they are small and you can layer a bunch together while little reminders of some great words and sayings :) words of love, courage, strength, you name it. You get to choose your mantra and I always feel so much better with them on. They make the perfect gifts also. If you haven't checked them out I promise you will LOVE...

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Muscle Tanks and Kimonos

So as you already know I am obsessed with my yoga pants.. Some of my favorite things to wear with them are little bit of an oversized muscle tank ( helps hide the bum.. I mean you are already wearing spandex something to tight is overkill for sure! ) and a bralette underneath to add a little more fashion flare but since you can see my bra it has to make a statement of course, not just some nude normal one.. weird. So Ill throw in a fun color here and there that peaks through. Same with a cozy boho kimono, it keeps me warm at work and makes the whole outfit that much more fun, Ill prob leave it...

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The New Yoga Fashion World

Yoga has exploded the past couple years!! People of all ages are loving it, finding the right kind of yoga for them.. and even better. The CLOTHES! who doesn't love that yoga pants and colorful leggings have become so popular. Its not just Lululemon anymore. We have all kinds of new companies up and coming creating beautiful and new creative patterns. Eco friendly fabrics are becoming more aware to the public and throwing in UV protectant to help with blocking the sun while outside doing any activities in these amazing yoga pants we have found.  Companies are starting to make yoga wear more versatile, So being able to be on my paddle board with UV protectant quick dry fabric this...

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